Weyerman Log Mill and Log Lathes

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Welcome to Weyerman Log Mill

We mill and produce Swedish Cope Logs, Milled Round Logs, Log Siding, Beams , King Posts, Trusses , Tongue and Groove, and Sawmill Lumber Products.

Whether you are building a simple Log Cabin or an exquisite Log Home, we are fully equipped to provide superior products to fit your plan.

At Weyerman Log Mill, we are proud to be a manufacturer of Custom Log Lathes.




Log Lathes

 Our custom built Log Lathes produce spectacular Swedish Cope Logs.

  See our Log Lathes page for a video demonstration. 



  30 years experience in the manufacturing of

Swedish Cope Logs and Round Milled Logs

  Log Homes

  Serving dealers and individual home owners.



Log Cabins are a symbol of character. They've come to represent hard work and patriotism in America. Many well known figures, either real or legendary, bring to mind the log cabin. Abraham Lincoln, raised in a log cabin, retains the respect of a nation. Architectural styles will continue to change, but the fascination of the log cabin remains.

-T.A. Workman